Tindall vs Tindall

by Tindall

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Recorded in 2015 at Creative Control Bracknell and Steer Ranch Reading with Alex Jay Steer.
Artwork by Mark Bell Illustrations.
Copyright (c) 2015 Tindall


released February 7, 2016

All songs by J Hunt, P Mader, M Deans and J Cook



all rights reserved


Tindall Slough, UK


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Track Name: Nobody Wants To Be Alone
There comes a point where you hear the same thing for the hundredth time
It doesn't hold the same weight it did the first time you heard it and you thought it might be true
Now that you've said the exact same words for the hundredth time
I wonder if things are ever going to change regarding me and you

Everything used to be so good but it's completely different now
Nobody wants to be alone

If I could do it all again
I don't know if I would do you
If I knew all that I know now
When everything is said and done
What is the point if it's not fun?
I wish that things would change somehow

There comes a point when you do the same thing for the millionth time
I wonder just what possesses you
And makes you act that way
Now that you've done the exact same thing for the millionth time
I wonder if I can ever trust you
Or believe a word you say
Track Name: Hot Bird
Just another hot bird
Just another girl to pull you down
Just another hot, hot bird
Just another tail for you to chase around the town

You showed me her pictures and I must say
That she's a fitty, so it's a pity, cos I know you're never
Gonna get her, mate why bother?
She'll never leave her bloke and this has gone beyond a joke you know

Why do you do this to yourself?
I know deep down you know

She's just another hot bird
Just another girl to pull you down
Just another hot, hot bird
Just another tail for you to chase around the town

This ain't a dig at you
It's just those girls you choose
Well half of them are dicks and the other half are so gorgeous that
You can't get them, I can't get them
P can't get them, Mark can't get them
Jim can't get them.
Track Name: Mans Get Lean
I've been saying I can stop now for a while
Convinced myself that there's no problem
Now I'm beginning to wonder if it's denial
If I could do it I should stop then

But every night I think I might
Just stick to drinking cups of tea and coffee
It never works, can't quench this thirst
I'll just keep drinking til I don't remember

Everything seems so much more fun
When I haven't only had one
So stop worrying and don't try to think
Forget everything, pour yourself another drink

Argumentative and angry
Used to not be characteristics to describe me
All my excuses have got old now
Don't want to give in, admit that this is taking over

When willpower leaves a lot to be desired
Sobriety's something that should be admired
So easy to say that I'll quit next week but I know
I need to show I mean it
Track Name: Ballad of Barnold
It started out as a joke that Phelim took too far
And I wonder why you even got into the car
No one else in the cab was dressing up as a lion
Well done guys that's good lying
There was no way that Xan was dressed as Dr Who
I can't believe you never had a clue
That this was all a big trick that we were playing on you
Well done guys that's good teamwork

Can't believe you never saw it coming
You could be deceived
Something so simple and yet so
Fucking beautiful
I guess you're not as cynical as you seem

There were moments of guilt before we pulled it off
I thought that Tindall would break, I thought that he would call
P was calling, he was saying it was cruel
I said don't worry mate, don't be a fool
You know, we ain't got far to go

I'd say I'm sorry
But I know I'm not
Cos it was just so funny