Things Will Never Be The Same Again

by Tindall

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EP made a LONG time ago, before we had Jim in the band. One day we'll get some more recordings done, but for now, enjoy these 6 pop-punk lovelies!


released March 13, 2014

P Mader
J Hunt
M Deans



all rights reserved


Tindall Slough, UK


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Track Name: I Never Thought
women saying every man's an arsehole well I always thought they haven't met me and if they did then maybe their opinion would change to they're not that bad actually well I never thought that would be me the one that's hurting you making you cry I need you more than I can say please don't ever go away I can't live without you by my side please don't ever leave me I don't know how the fuck we came to this I need you here all those times I promised you that I would never hurt you well I'm sorry but it looks as though you cannot trust a word I said I never meant for anything like this to ever happen but I guess that I'm no different from anyone else at all I always thought that I was special I was loyal worthy of your trust I never thought that I would be the one to say please forgive me I never thought that I would need forgiving no I thought that I was different from somebody else at all
Track Name: Song 5
do you ever get that feeling someone tells you something you don't want to know so you don't believe a word you know it's false you know it's true a question mark hangs over you you really don't know anything for sure apparently your time is running out a couple months at most you're leaving soon you've got to go the greatest man I've ever known incurable that's what they said I can't get that in my head experience that's new to me what happens now I cannot see there's one thing that I know for sure it's things will never be the same again now I've got that feeling thinking what if everybody isn't wrong and you are nearly gone i'll hold on tight won't let you go try not to let my feelings show and maybe everything will be alright.
Track Name: 1918
see your picture smiling back at me and I hope that you're not all gone all those things you left behind what a tragedy your wife your kids your grandchildren and me we all knew what was coming waiting for the misery to end and begin all at once I just want to see your face again you know I wonder if you're watching me where are you I want to speak to you all night and day I miss you more than words can say tell you everything I've done since you've been away tell me how you've been lately spend a little time with me I just want to see your face again i'll never see your face again i'll never see you laugh again i'll never see your white moustache again your time ran out three months ago I never really told you so but you mean more to me than anybody knows.